Students in the DTP undertake exploratory projects and DPhil/PhD projects with a wide range of supervisors across the University of Oxford, at Oxford Brookes University and in our partner organisations, subject to approval by the DTP directorate. Projects with academic partner organisations such as Diamond Light Source and The Pirbright Institute are supervised by supervisory teams that include a supervisor at the partner organisation and a supervisor at the university at which the student is registered. All DTP students have a supervisory team than includes two or more supervisors. 

We do not advertise specific exploratory projects or DPhil projects, other than the small number of specific projects we offer each year as iCASE studentships or in collaboration with certain partner organisations, such as Diamond Light Source. A full list of potential projects is provided to students when they start their studies, along with the opportunity to meet potential supervisors during induction.

Students are additionally able to propose alternate exploratory projects in collaboration with supervisors who have submitted an approved project. Multiple factors are taken into consideration in approving supervisory teams and projects, including whether the proposed project is within BBSRC remit, supervisor workload and experience and whether supervisors meet DTP supervision eligibility criteria. Please note that while we make every effort to match students with a suitable project and supervisory team we cannot guarantee that successful applicants will be able to work with their preferred supervisor(s). Prospective applicants are encouraged to explore the research interests of a range of potential supervisors across the partnership when deciding whether to apply.

All projects undertaken by DTP students must fall within BBSRC remit. Please note that in accordance with this we do not support research into specific human diseases, toxicology or abnormal conditions, or into animal models of human diseases. We only support research into wild species when they are pests in an agricultural setting or pollinators of agricultural crops, or when they act as a suitable model and provide wider understanding of biological processes.

For further information on the research interests of potential supervisors within the universities please visit the departmental websites listed below*.




Computer Science

Dunn School of Pathology


Experimental Psychology


Nuffield Department of Medicine

Oxford e-Research Centre



Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics (DPAG)


Biological and Medical Sciences (Oxford Brookes)

To obtain more insight into the research interests of potential supervisors who work in our partner organisations please visit:

The Pirbright Institute

Diamond Light Source

ISIS Neutron and Muon Source

STFC Central Laser Facility

Research Complex at Harwell

The Rosalind Franklin Institute

Novo Nordisk Research Centre Oxford

INEOS Oxford Institute

*This list includes departments with substantial research activities in areas covered by the DTP. There may be additional academics within Oxford who are eligible to supervise DTP projects who are not members of the departments listed above. If you have any queries regarding potential supervisors or research topics please contact us at