Scholarship Funding

Academic Futures

The Academic Futures programme provides scholarships and on-course mentoring and support that addresses under-representation and aims to improve equality, diversity and inclusion in the University of Oxford’s graduate student body. Eligible students will be considered for support through the Academic Futures programme, which includes the Black Academic Futures programme. The scholarship opportunities available through the Academic Futures programme include specific scholarships that are available for applicants to the programmes in the MPLS DTC. These currently include the Linacre Academic Futures Scholarships for students from backgrounds that are under-represented in the Oxford DPhil Academic community. 

EPA Cephalosporin-Linacre Scholarships

EPA-Cephalosporin-Linacre Scholarships are funded by the EPA Cephalosporin Fund in association with Linacre College and provide full scholarships for students in the Oxford Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP and the EPSRC Sustainable Approaches to Biomedical Science: Responsible and Reproducible Research Centre for Doctoral Training (SABS R³). Scholarships will be awarded to students from socioeconomic backgrounds that are under-represented in doctoral research. 

Eligibility will be assessed on the same basis as eligibility to participate in the University of Oxford’s UNIQ+ Graduate Access internship programme or UNIQ+ Digital. Therefore to be eligible for these studentships, students should have been previously admitted to or determined to be eligible for, admission to UNIQ+ or meet the criteria for admission for UNIQ+ based on socioeconomic information provided during the online application process.