The Athena SWAN Charter recognizes good practice in promoting gender equality in higher education. The University of Oxford was a founder member of the Athena Charter and has held an institutional award since 2006. 

Oxford Brookes has engaged with the Athena Swan Charter since 2009 achieving a first Bronze award in 2013.In 2016 the University became one of the first five UK universities to achieve an institutional award under the new Athena Swan Charter.

Going through the Athena SWAN application process gives universities and departments the space to reflect on, and celebrate, current organizational and cultural practices that promote gender equality. Athena SWAN also offers a valuable framework for introducing cultural changes that create a better working environment for staff of all genders.

There are a variety of resources available both within and beyond Oxford. Note that societies and activities for which gender is specified are inclusive of all students or staff who self-identify as women or men:

Within the University of Oxford

Within Oxford Brookes

Outside Oxford