UNIQ+ and UNIQ+ Digital


The DTP is a community of talented, collaborative and diverse people working to advance scientific knowledge, address global challenges and make a positive impact.   We aim to inspire, enable and support students to achieve their full potential.  UNIQ+ will introduce you to our community and to the wider community in Oxford, and give you the opportunity to experience some of what we offer for yourself.


UNIQ+ will run full time from 4 July 2022 for six weeks and will give participants the opportunity to work in a team of 2-4 students to carry out a bioscience-related research project with a DTP research group.


You will receive:

  • a scholarship stipend of £2,500 for the six-week programme (due to take place 4 July to 12 August) designed to offset any loss of the opportunity to take up paid employment during the summer;
  • free-of-charge accommodation provided by one of our colleges (more information about accommodation can be found below);
  • up to £250 to cover your travel expenses to and from Oxford at the start and end of the programme; and
  • an application fee waiver for applying to a graduate course at Oxford (currently the application fee is £75 per application).

UNIQ+ is designed to:

  • enhance your research skills;
  • enhance your ability to make a competitive application to postgraduate courses;
  • introduce you to leading researchers and staff at the University of Oxford; and
  • offer you information about opportunities for postgraduate study and research careers.



Applications are free, and open to UK residents who are currently studying, or already have, a degree at undergraduate level in a science-based subject from a UK university with a predicted outcome of 2:1 or more.


We're looking for applications from talented individuals who are interested in bioscience research, and whose financial, socioeconomic or other life circumstances may make continuing into postgraduate study a challenge.  Full eligibility criteria are available on the UNIQ+ website.  The deadline for applications is 18th February 2022.