Mature Students

We warmly welcome applications from mature students, who bring a wealth of skills and experience to their studies, but we recognise that the challenges you may face both in your studies and your personal circumstances may be different from those of younger students. 

When we assess your application we will consider both your academic qualifications and any relevant experience. If you have questions about preparing your application or the suitability of referees please do contact us. 

We offer a bespoke training programme with extensive opportunities for hands-on experience and extensive support, which enables students to learn at their own pace during our initial training programme. 

General advice from the University of Oxford for mature students

Advice for mature students at Oxford Brookes 

Podcast on being a mature student at Oxford from the Counselling Service

Advice for students with caring responsibilities

The Oxford University Newcomers’ Club offers support to the newly arrived partners of graduate students, visitors and staff.