UKRI-BBSRC Industrial CASE (iCASE) Studentships

UKRI-BBSRC Industrial CASE (iCASE) Studentships

In addition to the main field of studentships awarded through the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP, the DTP annually awards a number of UKRI-BBSRC-supported Industrial CASE (iCASE) Studentships that enable eligible students to work with a specific academic supervisor or supervisory team within the DTP and with a specific non-academic organisation.

UKRI-BBSRC iCASE students enrolled in the DTP have the opportunity to join the vibrant and diverse cohort of students enrolled in the DTP, and benefit from an individually tailored programme of training in quantitative, computational and professional skills within the DTP, which complements the training they receive from their academic supervisor and industrial partner in project-specific and professional skills. iCASE students are not required to undertake rotation projects, or professional placements through the DTP's Doctoral Internship Scheme, but are required to undertake a minimum 12-week placement with the non-academic partner organisation during the course of their studies.

You can apply both for an iCASE studentship and for entry to the main DTP programme. If you wish to do this we will ask you to submit a single online application, but to submit an additional statement of purpose to us via e-mail to, so that we have an appropriate statement of purpose for both your iCASE application and your application to the main DTP programme. If you wish to apply for an iCASE studentship at one university (e.g. Oxford Brookes) and an application for the main DTP programme or another iCASE studentship at a different university (e.g. University of Oxford) you will need to submit an online application to both institutions. 

The following iCASE studentships are available for 2024 entry:

Project Titles Lead Supervisor(s) Lead Partner Organisation(s) Application Deadline

Modelling brain development with microglia containing three dimensional cerebellar organoids

Prof. Esther Becker (NDCN), Prof. Sally Cowley (Dunn School of Pathology), Dr Katherine Ewings (Insmed Innovation UK Ltd) University of Oxford and Insmed Innovation UK Ltd 5th January 2024
Assessing risks of resistance to novel antibiotics Craig MacLean, Mathew Stracy and Mark Wilkinson University of Oxford and Bactobio Ltd 5th January 2024
Plant transporter biochemistry, biophysics and inhibition for sustainable agriculture David B Sauer and Jose Moreno Campos University of Oxford and Syngenta 5th January 2024
Understanding the Mechanism of Action of Novel K+ Channel Inhibitors Prof. Stephen Tucker, Prof. Simon Newstead, Dr Anna Rowland University of Oxford and Cerevance, Cambridge UK 5th January 2024
Investigating the habitat and ecological role of Culicoides midges Dr Marion England, Prof. Owen Lewis, Dr Jessica Stokes University of Oxford, The Pirbright Institute, and ProScience Ltd 5th January 2024


If you are interested in applying for an UKRI-BBSRC iCASE studentship please contact the named supervisor for further information and to determine whether they would encourage you to apply.

The fastest, most efficient and preferred method of application to the University of Oxford is via the secure online application form. Applications to individual projects are to be made through the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP, ensuring you follow the instructions regarding our pilot assessment procedure. Please put the title of the project in the box marked 'proposed field of study'. 

If you have a query about the application form itself, please contact the Graduate Admissions Office directly at For other queries, please contact the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP on

Details of how to apply to the DTP via Oxford Brookes University are available here.