The University of Oxford holds the Bronze Race Equality Charter Award. The Race Equality Working Group provides a forum for discussion and consultation across the University.  A range of networks and resources can be accessed via the links below.  

•    BME Staff Network.
•    Workshops and training.
•    Mentoring scheme for BME staff
•    BIPOC STEM Network: The BIPOC STEM Network is the first network within the University, for research staff, academic staff, and postgraduates that identify as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) or BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic). The network was founded by students from the MPLS DTC, but includes STEM researchers from across the University. The main aim of the Network is to promote and support the work of People of Colour within the University and beyond, in order to create a more diverse and inclusive environment within academia.
•    Black Academic Futures and Academic Futures. The Black Academic Futures and Academic Futures programmes provide scholarships and on-course mentoring and support for students from backgrounds that are under-represented in graduate study.

Oxford Brookes resources on race and anti-racism.