Oxford Brookes University Studentships

We have a small number of studentships available each year through our partner university, Oxford Brookes. These students are fully-integrated members of the cohort and undertake their main DPhil research project with a supervisor based at Oxford Brookes University. They are able to make full use of the facilities at both institutions and have membership of a University of Oxford college as visiting students. Students registered through each university, whether Oxford or Brookes, are able to undertake rotation projects at the other institution, as well as other organisations within the DTP. 


Some examples of rotation projects that students have worked on at Oxford Brookes include:

  • Fat fetuses: endocrine control of adipose tissue development - Dr Alison Forhead
  • Regulation of gene expression by transcription factors during animal development - Dr Barbara Jennings
  • The function of nuclear receptors in transcriptional regulation - Dr Sebastian Kittelmann
  • Endomembrane structure and function - Dr Verena Kriechbaumer
  • Using Caenorhabditis elegans to study gene important for neuronal development - Dr Dianne Newbury, Dr Maike Kittelmann
  • The role of ECSIT in mitochondrial I assembly and expression - Dr Paul Potter
  • Studying animal stem cells and regeneration cell by cell - Dr Jordi Solana
  • Using unicellular eukaryotes to study flagellum - Dr Jack Sunter


If you would like to apply to the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP via Oxford Brookes, please visit this page for further details.