Industrial CASE studentships available for 2019



Industrial CASE (iCASE) studentships currently available through the programme for entry in 2019 are listed below; and more will be listed as soon as they are confirmed.

Interested students are strongly encouraged to contact the academic supervisor prior to applying.

Please email for further information on how to apply. 

Lead Supervisor(s) Institution/Department Project Title Industrial Partner
Becker, Esther (Oxford); Harper, Sarah (Axol Biosciences) University of Oxford, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Modelling brain development using human induced pluripotent stem cells Axol Biosciences, Cambridge
Iqbal, Munir (Pirbright); Smith, Adrian (Oxford) The Pirbright Institute; The University of Oxford, Department of Zoology Production and assessment of antiviral prophylactic properties of natural biomolecules against avian influenza and Newcastle disease viruses affecting poultry production Industrial partner from the agriculture and food industry tbc
Owens, Ray (Oxford, RCaH); Grimes, Jonathan (Oxford); Hammond, John (The Pirbright Institute); Raue, Rudiger (Zoetis) University of Oxford; Research Complex at Harwell; the Pirbright Institute Dissecting the neutralising antibody response to the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus to identify novel vaccine targets Zoetis
Yeomans, Julia (Oxford); John Bows (PepsiCo) University of Oxford, Department of Physics Biopolymer availability and transport in the GI tract PepsiCo R&D
Wright, Geraldine (Oxford); Stevenson, Phil (Kew Gardens); Barnes, Jerry (Apix Nutrition) University of Oxford, Department of Zoology The use of marine macroalgae as nutritional resources for domesticated honeybees Kew Gardens and Apix Nutrition
Zaccolo, Manuela (Oxford); Houslay, Miles (Mironid) University of Oxford, Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics Defining the interplay between polycystin 1/2 signalling and cAMP signalling in different subcellular domains Mironid Ltd