Industrial Partners

DTP students benefit from the programme's links with industry and other research organisations in multiple ways. Researchers working in industry contribute directly to the graduate training available within the DTP, providing expertise in research, business and enterprise skills, and some of the DPhil/PhD projects offered within the DTP involve an industrial partner as well as an academic supervisor. The DTP manages and awards a number of Collaborative Industrial CASE (iCASE) studentships, supported by funding from BBSRC, and provides training and support for students funded through BBSRC's Industrial CASE Partnership (ICP) awards. Students also have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience of work in a non-academic environment through the internship component of the DTP training programme.

Organisations associated with the DTP through involvement in our research, internship and training programme currently include DSTL, Syngenta, UCB, Zoetis, Tessella, Oxitec, Merial UK, Pfizer, Oxford Nanopore, ATDBio, AB Vista, Johnson Matthey and Manor Fresh.  If you represent an organisation interested in partnering with the DTP to support our research and training programme, or in applying for a BBSRC iCASE studentship in collaboration with an academic supervisor within the DTP, please contact the Co-Director, Gail Preston(, for further information. .

We organise an annual networking event that brings together the students, academics and industrial partners that are involved in the DTP. Our next Oxford Interdisciplinary Bioscience Networking Event will be held on Tuesday, 2nd April 2019. If you represent an organisation that is interested in sending one or more representatives to this event please contact for further details.

Further information for students on organisations that have expressed an interest in recruiting Oxford DTP students for internships can be found on the Doctoral Internship Programme website.

If you represent an organisation that is interested in being listed in the Doctoral Internship Programme Employer Database, please visit Information for Recruiters.

In Sept 2016 the Oxford Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP hosted the first Grand Challenges in Plant Pathology Interdisciplinary Study Group, which provided an opportunity for early career researchers from the Oxford DTP and across the UK to work together with non-academic researchers from a range of organisations including Syngenta, BASF, CABI, Fera and APHA to discuss solutions to industry-led challenges, while further developing their professional skills.The training format used for the plant pathology study group can be adapted to suit a wide range of academic and industrial communities. If you are interested in supporting or contributing to future study groups, including future plant pathology study groups please contact