Case Studies

Hear from our DTC students:

Mathilde Guillaumin


Mathilde Guillaumin 

Mathilde is working on the regulation of sleep and the impact of a specific mutation on sleep and learning.

Her project involves behaviour testing and in vivo sleep recordings (electroencephalography and neuronal signals) in mice with or without a mutation that affects neurotransmitter release. She is also working on developing a mathematical model of sleep regulation. Both aspects of her DPhil aim to help disentangle the role of the circadian clock and homeostatic regulation on the alternation between sleep and wake states.



Katerina Johnson

Katerina's research is interdisciplinary in nature and spans the fields of neuroscience, behaviour, molecular biology, microbiology, metagenomics and evolution.



Sheng Pong

Sheng researches the role of tRNA-derived fragments (tRFs) in gene regulation in Dr Monika Gullerova’s laboratory for his DPhil project.

James Walker


James Walker

James is working with the Animal Flight group working on visual guidance in birds.