The Doctoral Training Centre

The core challenge for life sciences and biomedical sciences over the coming decades is to transform the wealth of biological data made available through recent experimental advances into a predictive and quantitative understanding of living systems.

Progress will require advances across the range of the biological, biomedical and physical sciences, with continued technological advances in experimental techniques and equipment being matched by the development of new mathematical and computational approaches. These developments will go hand in hand, as theoretical models are increasingly used to predict novel experimental avenues, and experimental data are in turn used to build and validate theoretical models.

The goal of the Doctoral Training Centre (DTC) is to train the next generation of scientists who will work to meet this challenge.  Our training programmes are designed to enable our students to obtain a sufficiently broad insight across a rapidly-evolving experimental and theoretical landscape so that they can ask the right questions to set and meet future research challenges in biology and medicine. Our programmes cover the spectrum of disciplines at the interface between the mathematical and physical sciences and the life and biomedical sciences. Our six programmes span Systems Biology, Systems Approaches to Biomedical Sciences, Synthetic Biology, Interdisciplinary Bioscience, Synthesis for Medicine and Biology, and Biomedical Imaging, with each supporting internationally leading research programmes across the University and partner organisations.