DTC Annual Prizes

Here is the list of the DTC annual prize winners for 2014. Annual prizes were awarded to students at our DTC Christmas Party on the 19 December for publications arising from short projects, for excellent projects in each programme and for public engagement. The prizes ranged from book tokens to bottles of wine. Congratulations to everyone!


Project Publication (1st author in recognised journal)

Anthony Bradley (SABS 2011)

Jia Tsing Ng (SABS 2011)

Lucie Bowden (SysBio 2011)

Paul Taylor (SysBio 2012)

Rachel Shamo Schiller (SABS 2011)

Thomas Hughes (DTP 2012)


2013 DTC Short Project Prizes

Jonathan Hadida (LSI)

Charles Bury (SysBio)

Marion Schuller (SABS)

Ines Dawson (DTP)


Public Engagement Award

We had lots of strong contenders for this brand new award but the overall winner was Sally Le Page (DTP).  Special mentions go to Jack Miller (LSI 2011), Paul Taylor (SysBio 2012) and Jonny Brooks-Bartlett (SysBio 2012)