DTP Potential Supervisors

Research in the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP is supported by the Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). To assist students in identifying potential supervisors we have provided a list of researchers at the University of Oxford who have recently received funding from the BBSRC.

Please note that the primary requirement for DTP projects is that they fall within the research themes of the programme and the remit of the BBSRC. We have therefore also included in this list additional researchers at the University of Oxford who conduct research that falls within the remit of the DTP. This list is for guidance only, and may not contain all supervisors who are eligible to supervise DTP projects. All projects are subject to the approval of the proposed project and supervisory arrangements by the DTP.

Please note that although the DTP’s remit includes research relevant to understanding normal human function, it does not include research focused on specific human diseases, human disease processes or abnormal conditions. Students with interests in these areas are encouraged to consider applying to other programmes within the university with relevant research priorities (for further details see the DTC Portal, the Medical Science Division graduate website and relevant departmental websites).

Supervisor Department BBSRC Funded
Alfredo Castello Biochemistry  
Alison Woollard Biochemistry Yes
Andre Furger Biochemistry Yes
Andrew Angel Biochemistry  
Bela Novak Biochemistry Yes
Ben Berks Biochemistry Yes
Bungo Akiyoshi Biochemistry  
Catherine Pears Biochemistry Yes
Colin Kleanthous Biochemistry Yes
Christina Redfield Biochemistry Yes
David Sherratt Biochemistry Yes
Elena Seiradake Biochemistry  
Elspeth Garman Biochemistry Yes
Francis Barr Biochemistry  
George Wadhams Biochemistry  
Ilan Davis Biochemistry Yes
Ioannis Vakonakis Biochemistry Yes
Jane Mellor Biochemistry Yes
Jason Schnell Biochemistry  
Kathryn Scott Biochemistry  
Kym Nasmyth Biochemsitry  
Lothar Schermelleh Biochemistry  
Lydia Vasilieva Biochemistry  
Lynne Cox Biochemistry Yes
Mark Howarth Biochemistry Yes
Mark Sansom Biochemistry Yes
Martin Cohn Biochemistry  
Matthew Higgins Biochemistry  
Matthew Whitby Biochemistry Yes
Neil Brockdorff Biochemistry  
Nicholas Lakin Biochemistry Yes
Nicole Zitzmann Biochemistry  
Penny Handford Biochemistry  
Philip Biggin Biochemistry Yes
Robert Klose Biochemistry Yes
Sarah Shammas Biochemistry  
Simon Newstead Biochemistry Yes
Maike Bublitz Biochemistry Yes
Tim Nott Biochemistry Yes
Stephan Uphoff Biochemistry Yes
Phillip Stansfeld Biochemistry Yes
Caroline Bergman Biomedical Services  
Shonil Bhagwat Centre for Environment  
Akane Kawamura Chemistry  
Andrew Baldwin Chemistry Yes
Andrew Hamilton Chemistry  
Ben Davis Chemistry Yes
Carol Robinson Chemistry Yes
Christopher Schofield Chemistry Yes
Edward Anderson Chemistry  
Emily Flashman Chemistry Yes
Fraser Armstrong Chemistry Yes
Grant Richie Chemistry  
James McCullagh Chemistry Yes
Jason Davis Chemistry Yes
Phillippe Kukura Chemistry  
Sam Thompson Chemistry  
Stephen Fletcher Chemistry  
Shabaz Mohammed Chemistry  
Hagan Bayley Chemistry Yes
Justin Benesch Chemistry Yes
Kylie Vincent Chemistry Yes
Luet Wong Chemistry Yes
Mark Wallace Chemistry Yes
Peter Hore Chemistry  
Stuart Conway Chemistry  
Susan Perkin Chemistry Yes
Tim Claridge Chemistry Yes
Tom Brown Chemistry Yes
Veronique Gouverneur Chemistry Yes
Michael Booth Chemistry  
Korneel Hens DPAG Yes
Paul Riley DPAG Yes
Andreas Heger DPAG Yes
Andrew Parker DPAG Yes
Carolyn Carr DPAG  
Clive Wilson DPAG Yes
Damian Tyler DPAG  
Peter Robbins DPAG  
Edward Mann DPAG Yes
Esther Becker DPAG  
Frances Ashcroft DPAG Yes
Francis Szele DPAG Yes
Caleb Webber DPAG  
Duncan Sparrow DPAG  
Giovanni Zifarelli DPAG  
Heidi de Wet DPAG Yes
Manuela Zaccolo DPAG  
Matthew Wood DPAG Yes
Richard Wade-Martins DPAG  
Gero Miesenboeck DPAG Yes
Simon Butt DPAG Yes
Hellen Christian DPAG  
James Cantley DPAG Yes
Tim Vogels DPAG Yes
Kay Davies DPAG  
Kerry Walker DPAG Yes
Kieran Clarke DPAG  
Kristine Krug DPAG Yes
Lisa Heather DPAG  
Maike Glitsch DPAG Yes
Mathilda Mommersteeg DPAG  
Michael Kohl DPAG  
Nicola Smart DPAG  
Pawel Swietach DPAG  
Samira Lakhla-Littleton DPAG  
Sarah Threlfell DPAG  
Scott Waddell DPAG  
Shankar Srinivas DPAG Yes
Stephanie Cragg DPAG  
Stephen Goodwin DPAG Yes
Vladyslav Vyazovskiy DPAG Yes
Zoltan Molnar DPAG Yes
Ed Walsh Engineering Science  
Antonis Papachristodoulou Engineering Science Yes
Hua Ye Engineering Science Yes
Martin Booth Engineering Science Yes
Robert Carlisle Engineering Science  
Stephen Collins Engineering Science Yes
Stephen Roberts Engineering Science Yes
Wei Huang Engineering Science  
Alison Noble Engineering Science  
Amy Zavatsky Engineering Science  
Andrew Zisserman Engineering Science  
Chris Martin Engineering Science  
Christoffer Nellåker Engineering Science  
Constantin-C. Coussios Engineering Science  
David Clifton Engineering Science  
David Edwards Engineering Science  
Jerome DeClerck Engineering Science  
Lionel Tarassenko Engineering Science  
Mark Gooding Engineering Science  
Mengxing Tang Engineering Science  
Michael Chappell Engineering Science  
Robin Cleveland Engineering Science  
Ron Roy Engineering Science  
Paul Watton Engineering Science  
Stephen Payne Engineering Science  
Steve Smith Engineering Science  
Timor Kadir Engineering Science  
Vicente Grau Engineering Science  
Zhanfeng Cui Engineering Science Yes
Jin-Chong Tan Engineering  Science  
Mark Thompson Engineering Science Yes
David Bannerman Experimental Psychology Yes
Kim Plunkett Experimental Psychology Yes
Hannah Smithson Experimental Psychology Yes
Mark Walton Experimental Psychology  
Nicholas Yeung Experimental Psychology Yes
Geoff Bird Experimental Psychology  
Kate Watkins Experimental Psychology  
Roi Cohen Kadosh Experimental Psychology  
Simon Stringer Experimental Psychology  
Mark Hill Oncology  
Mark Buckley Experimental Psychology  
Mark Stokes Experimental Psychology Yes
Matthew Apps Experimental Psychology Yes
Matthew Rushworth Experimental Psychology Yes
Robin Murphy Experimental Psychology Yes
Adrian Hill NDM (Jenner Institute) Yes
Martin Bachmann NDM (Jenner Institute)  
Sarah Gilbert NDM (Jenner Institute) Yes
Chris Murphy Kennedy Institute Yes
C Peter Winlove Kennedy Institute  
Tonia Vincent Kennedy Institute  
Masud Husain NDCN Yes
Aarti Jagannath NDCN Yes
Charlotte Stagg NDCN Yes
Mark Hankins NDCN Yes
Rogier Mars NDCN Yes
Sanjay Manohar NDCN  
Stephanie Halford NDCN  
Stephen Hicks NDCN  
Stuart Pierson NDCN Yes
Sumathi Sekaran NDCN Yes
Tim Behrens NDCN  
Benedikt Kessler NDM  
Robert Gilbert NDM (WTCHG) Yes
Alexandru Aricescu NDM (WTCHG) Yes
Andrew Paul Morris NDM (WTCHG) Yes
Alistair McGregor Oxford Brookes Yes
Andrew Jones Oxford Brookes  
Barbara Jennings Oxford Brookes  
Casper Brueker Oxford Brookes Yes
Chris Hawes Oxford Brookes  
Dianne Newbury Oxford Brookes  
Jack Sunter Oxford Brookes  
Hee-Jeon Hong Oxford Brookes  
Jordi Solana Oxford Brookes  
Katja Graumann Oxford Brookes  
Laura Gathercole Oxford Brookes  
Linda King Oxford Brookes  
Maike Kittelmann Oxford Brookes  
Maria Santos Nunes Oxford Brookes  
Ravinder Kanda Oxford Brookes  
Ryan Pink Oxford Brookes  
Saad Arif Oxford Brookes  
Verena Kriechbaumer Oxford Brookes  
Victor Bolanos Garcia Oxford Brookes  
David Carter Oxford Brookes  
Sue Vaughan Oxford Brookes Yes
Alison Forhead Oxford Brookes  
Alberto Baena Pathology  
Anton van der Merwe Pathology  
Elizabeth Robertson Pathology  
Eva Gluenz Pathology  
Monika Gullerova Pathology  
Nicholas Proudfoot Pathology Yes
Oreste Acuto Pathology  
Paul Fairchild Pathology  
Pedro Carvalho Pathology  
Shona Murphy Pathology  
Susan Lea Pathology  
Tonya Lander Plant Science  
Chris Norbury Pathology Yes
Conrad Nieduszynski Pathology Yes
David Vaux Pathology Yes
Dragana Ahel Pathology  
Ervin Fodor Pathology Yes
Bass Hassan Pathology  
Fumiko Esashi Pathology  
Ivan Ahel Pathology  
Jordan Raff Pathology Yes
Kevin Maloy Pathology  
Christoph Tang Pathology  
Elizabeth Bikoff Pathology  
Matthew Freeman Pathology  
Nathalie Gromak Pathology  
Omer Dushek Pathology  
Peter Cook Pathology Yes
Quentin Sattentau Pathology Yes
Ulrike Gruneberg Pathology  
David Greaves Pathology  
William James Pathology Yes
Andrew Sharott Pharmacology  
Colin Ackerman Pharmacology Yes
David Dupret Pharmacology Yes
Grant Churchill Pharmacology Yes
Liliana Minichiello Pharmacology Yes
Nigel Emptage Pharmacology Yes
Paul Dodson Pharmacology Yes
Sridhar Vasudevan Pharmacology Yes
Trevor Sharp Pharmacology Yes
Tommas Ellender Pharmacology  
Achillefs Kapanidis Physics Yes
Andrew Turberfield Physics Yes
Richard Berry Physics Yes
Sonia Antoranz Contera Physics  
Julia Mary Yeomans Physics Yes
Stephen Tucker Physics Yes
Renier van der Hoorn Plant Science Yes
Andrew Smith Plant Science Yes
Dmitry Filatov Plant Science Yes
Gail Preston Plant Science Yes
George Ratcliffe Plant Science Yes
Andy Hector Plant Science  
Ian Moore Plant Science Yes
Jane Langdale Plant Science Yes
John Mackay Plant Science Yes
Lee Sweetlove Plant Science Yes
Liam Dolan Plant Science Yes
Lindsay Turnbull Plant Science Yes
Mark Fricker Plant Science Yes
Nicholas Harberd Plant Science Yes
Nick Kruger Plant Science Yes
Paul Jarvis Plant Science Yes
Philip Poole Plant Science Yes
Steve Kelly Plant Science Yes
Catherine Harmer Psychiatry Yes
Philip Burnet Psychiatry Yes
Elizabeth Tunbridge Psychiatry Yes
David Stuart NDM (STRUBI) Yes
Jonathan Grimes NDM (STRUBI)  
Ray Owens NDM (STRUBI)  
Peijun Zhang NDM (STRUBI) Yes
Alain Townsend WIMM  
Gerton Lunter NDM (WTCHG) Yes
Adrian Smith Zoology Yes
Adrian Thomas Zoology Yes
Angela Mclean Zoology Yes
Aris Katzourakis Zoology  
Aziz Aboobaker Zoology Yes
Ben Sheldon Zoology Yes
Charles Godfrey Zoology  
Craig Maclean Zoology Yes
Cristian Capelli Zoology  
Fritz Vollrath Zoology  
Graham Taylor Zoology Yes
Jennifer Perry Zoology  
Kayla King Zoology  
Marian Dawkins Zoology Yes
Martin Maiden Zoology Yes
Mike Bonsall Zoology Yes
Neeltje Boogert Zoology Yes
Owen Lewis Zoology  
Peter Holland Zoology  
Seb Shimeld Zoology Yes
Simon Walker Zoology  
Stephen Kearsey Zoology Yes
Ann Terry Zoology  
Ben Davis Zoology  
Dora Biro Zoology  
EJ Milner-Gulland Zoology  
Emily Beauchamp Zoology  
Kathy Willis Zoology  
Katrina Lythgoe Zoology  
Rebecca J. Morris Zoology  
Robert Scotland Plant Science  
Stephen Harris Plant Science  
Stuart West Zoology  
Stuart Wigby Zoology Yes
Theresa Burt de Perera Zoology Yes
Tim Guilford Zoology Yes
Tommaso Pizzari Zoology Yes
Kevin Foster Zoology  
Gesine Reinert Statistics Yes
Sarah Waters Mathematical Institute Yes
Ruth Baker Mathematical Institute Yes
Maarten De Vos Engineering Science  
Philip Maini Mathematical Institute Yes
Charlotte Deane Statistics Yes
Christian Eggeling WIMM Yes
Catherine Porcher WIMM Yes
Claus Nerlov WIMM Yes
Tudor Fulga WIMM Yes
Antoine Jerusalem Engineering Science  
Panagis Filippakopoulos NDM  
Daniel Wilson NDM  
Catherine Green NDM (WTCHG)  
Ian Tomlinson NDM (WTCHG)  
Sergi Padilla-Parra NDM (WTCHG)  
David Wyllie NDM  
Paul Klenerman NDM  
Philip Fowler NDM  
Philip Goulder NDM  
Russell Foster NDM  
Alain Goriely Mathematical Institute  
Heather Harrington Mathematical Institute  
Derek Moulton Mathematical Institute  
Eamonn Gaffney Mathematical Institute Yes
Helen Byrne Mathematical Institute Yes
Radek Erban Mathematical Institute  
Blanca Rodriguez Computer Science  
David Gavaghan Computer Science Yes
Nick Lathangue Oncology Yes
Peijun Zhang Diamond Yes