BBSRC Industrial CASE Studentships

In addition to the main field of studentships awarded through the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP, the DTP annually awards a number of BBSRC-supported Industrial CASE (iCASE) Studentships that enable eligible students to work with a specific academic supervisor or supervisory team within the DTP and with a specific non-academic organisation.

BBSRC iCASE students enrolled in the DTP have the opportunity to join the vibrant and diverse cohort of students enrolled in the DTP, and benefit from an individually tailored programme of training in quantitative, computational and professional skills within the DTP, which complements the training they receive from their academic supervisor and industrial partner in project-specific and professional skills. iCASE students are not required to undertake rotation projects, or professional placements through the DTP's Doctoral Internship Scheme, but are required to undertake a minimum 12-week placement with the non-academic partner organisation during the course of their studies.

We are currently recruiting for the following iCASE studentships for entry in 2020 (click on the title link for further details), others will be added once details are finalised:

Project Title Lead Supervisor Lead Partner Organisation

Transposons to discover drug resistance mechanisms and their evolutionary cost

Professor Benoit Kornmann University of Oxford

African swine fever virus multigene family interferon inhibitory proteins: Functions and application to vaccine development

Dr Ana Reis The Pirbright Institute

Studying full length mRNAs at single-cell resolution

Dr Jordi Solana Oxford Brookes University

Tuneable multifocal plane microscopy for high frame rate three-dimensional fluorescence microscopy of cilia/flagella

Dr Richard Wheeler University of Oxford

Development of monitoring technology to establish the nutritional state and health of domesticated honey colonies

Professor Geraldine Wright University of Oxford

If you are interested in applying for a BBSRC iCASE studentship please contact the named supervisor for further information and to determine whether they would encourage you to apply. Applicants should then contact the Interdisciplinary Bioscience DTP via for advice on making a full and formal application to the University.

The fastest, most efficient and preferred method of application to the University of Oxford is via the secure online application form. 

Details of how to apply to the DTP via Oxford Brookes University are available here.

Please include with your application a statement of no more than 500 words that explains your suitability for and interest in the advertised project and in joining the DTP.  We will also require a CV and three confidential academic references. Two of these must be received through the online system before your application is released to us for assessment and your degree transcript(s).

The deadline for iCASE applications is 12 noon, Friday 24th January unless otherwise indicated.