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May, 2014
Sandy Hetherington (DTP2012) professional internship at Oxford Botanic Gardens

Sandy Hetherington (DTP2012) has generated an online resource documenting…

May, 2014
Tom Hughes (DTP2012) has work published in Genome Research

Congratulations to Tom Hughes (DTP2012) for his recent publication…

May, 2014
Most Acclaimed Lecturer in Medical Sciences Award

Prof. Elspeth Garman, Systems Biology Programme Director, has won the “Most…

Apr, 2014
DTC Students visit the Diamond Light synchrotron

DTC Students visit the Diamond Light synchrotron as part of their structural…

Apr, 2014
Meet the Scientists – Angelina Measures

Angelina Measures, one of our fourth year DTC students, has done a webcast…

Dec, 2013
Lucy Taylor (DTP2013) has work published in PLOS One

Congratulations to Lucy Taylor (DTP2013) for her recent publication on tooth…