Industrial CASE studentships available for 2017

Industrial CASE (iCASE) studentships currently available through the programme for entry in 2017 are listed in the table below. Additional projects will be added to this list as soon as they are confirmed.

Supervisor(s)Academic organisationsIndustrial PartnerProject Title
Dave Carter (Oxford Brookes), Chris Hawes (Oxford Brookes), Michael Senior (Oxford Nanoimaging)Oxford Brookes University, The University of OxfordOxford NanoimagingThe use of super-resolution microscopy to analyse delivery of extracellular vesicle cargo
Mark Fife (Pirbright), Angela Steyn (Pirbright), Adrian Smith (Oxford), Jon Moore (Horizon Discovery Ltd.)The Pirbright Institute, The University of OxfordHorizon Discovery Ltd. Transcriptional Analysis of chIFITM knockout technology for
increased vaccine yields
Eamonn Gaffney (Oxford), Holm Uhlig (Oxford), Jon Timmis (Simomics)The University of OxfordSimomicsComputational Modelling of Host – Microbiome interactions in intestinal homeostasis
Nicholas Lakin (Oxford), Mark O'Connor (AstraZeneca)The University of OxfordAstraZenecaUnderstanding the role of ADP-ribosylation in regulating DNA repair
John MacKay (Oxford), Imam Sayyed (Maelor Forest Nurseries Ltd.) The University of Oxford Maelor Forest Nurseries Ltd.Drought tolerance and its evolution in conifers including UK commercial species
Luet Wong (Oxford), Matthew Hodges (Oxford Biotrans Ltd.)The University of OxfordOxford Biotrans Ltd.New Products and Processes from P450-catalysed Oxidations